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It was with much excitement on Wednesday 7 September 2016, that Do You Hear the People Sing? returned for Autumn 2016. There were new faces in our midst who were warmly welcomed; a brand new song that was learnt in 4 part harmony in under 50 minutes; some new vocal techniques were taught to improve head voice and sound; but above-all the greatest joy was watching everyone arrive - old friends greeting each other and meeting new friends - and the genuine delight everyone had at just being back together again for the new term. DYHtPS? is a special place to be and a huge reason for this is the people who are absolutely at the heart of the group. We are so excited about the forthcoming term with performances at AFC Bournemouth, Urban Reef and at Westbourne Christmas Festival to look forward to; DYHtPS? are also very much looking forward to seeing the 25th anniversary performance of Miss Saigon in October and also going to see Sons of Pitches later in November. With more new members joining DYHtPS? next week for rehearsal 2, it's not too late to still join us for Autumn 2016

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